About Artisan Botanicals

"How We Started"


For the last 5 years, Kratom has been a huge part of my families’ life. To witness the positive effects it can have on an individual, like myself, I knew I could not pass up on the opportunity to share this product with our OKC Kratom community and beyond. When my wife and I found out that we have family members and friends in Indonesia who were Kratom farmers, we jumped at the opportunity that was put in front of us to do what it takes to share this product with you. With $200 dollars in my pocket I started this journey and all of you joined me. Two years later, and with thousands of customers, Artisan Botanicals is the number one Kratom and CBD provider in the state of Oklahoma and we look to expand beyond our great state in the future. We thank you for your business! 

"Why Artisan Botanicals?"


At Artisan Botanicals, we work hard to ensure that our OKC Kratom is all natural and pesticide fee. All of our fresh Kratom is imported straight from Indonesia. With our due diligence in providing a natural, organic Kratom product and our professional safety lab test, we can say that we have some of the strongest Kratom out there with every strain coming in at over 1.9% Mitragyna.

To continue to provide you the very best Kratom product, Artisan Botanicals will always order fresh from our farms, rather than holding a mass quantity in storage to just sit for months at a time like the others do. When that happens, the Kratom will lose its freshness and your overall satisfaction will decrease.

Why Artisan Botanicals? Because when you ask yourself, “Is there any Kratom near me?” Artisan Botanicals will always be there, providing an effortless customer experience and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.