Lab Test

The average Kratom Mitragynine percentages measure in around 1%.

Rare, desirable Kratom is around 1.2%-1.3%. 

Here at Artisan Botanicals, our OKC Kratom measures start at 1.9%+!

 Being completely organic and pesticide free our Kratom is one of the top products in America.


Green Kapuas

The average CBD purity percentages measure in around 40%-60%.

Here at Artisan Botanicals, our OKC CBD measures in at a staggering 99%!
All pharmacy formulated and medical grade, our CBD is normally only sold to doctor's offices and pharmacies. 
It just doesn't get much better than this. We rank in the top 3 qualities in the country with some of the lowest CBD pricing for the quality.

CBD Isolate